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   4 Aug, 2016

    We have just made new tracks for the 1/16 T-55 Hooben. They are closed pin design. Tracks are fitted with interlocking pins which will prevent pins from slipping.




  15 Sep, 2009

    We have made the 18 teeth spockets specially for the King Tiger transport tracks.  They will fit the transport tracks better than the original 9 teeth spockets.

    They are included with each set of King Tiger transport tracks but can also be sold separately.




  4 Aug, 2016

We have added a new item in our product list which is the 1/16 metal tracks for the Tamiya Type 10 tank. The tracks are highly detailed with authentic rubber pads. It is one of the best tracks we have made so far.

  4 Oct, 2008
Starting Sept 1 2008. Most of the 1/15, 1/16 metal tracks are fitted with new pins like the picture. The basic concept is that the pin head is 0.2mm larger than the pin hole of a track link. Once it is hammered into a track link, it will stay still. It can also be removed easily by pushing it with another 1.2mm pin if required. The pins can also be purchased separately.